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About  'Meera Jewellers'

Every piece of jewellery tells a story and Meera jewellers create beautiful stories to be cherished!

We have worked for 24 years to make our brand name synonymous with premier quality, unique designs, and fair prices. Beautiful jewellery creates immortal bliss in the heart of women. We deliver exotic and beautiful pieces of happiness to our customers. With years of experience and thousands of pleased customers, we stand as one of the most trusted jewellery brands in the entire Rajkot.

Our Values:

  Complete Responsibility

  Customer Satisfaction

  Adherence to Principle

  Constant Improvement

  Customer Relation

Our Vision:

  expand the chain of showrooms with a distinguished brand image by 2033.

Our Mission:

  We believe in providing premium quality products to create a unique and luxurious prestige for our clients.

What Makes Us Different

  We provide an exclusive service where we create a temporary model of the design selected by our customer. We show this model to the customer and once he approves the design, then only the real jewellery is made. This helps us to understand customer’s needs better and customers get the exact design which they like.

Ingredients of the exceptional recipe of adorable jewellery:


At Meera, we keep keen notice on our exclusivity and richness of designs. We get our designs custom made with precious features visible in each of our designs. We also provide customized design for our custom customers. We also provide a prototype model for approval before making the jewellery.


Meticulous handcrafted excellence is the hallmark of Meera Jewellers. Our sleek and laser-cut pieces steal the heart with its shine and pride. Our exquisitely carved and smoothly beaded jewels are the hard work of our talented craftsmen. Meera takes pride in its excellent workforce of craftsmen and helps them grow with achievement awards, gifts and all kinds of help.


Meera’s quality claims are credible and measurable in all circumstances. We provide pure and exact 22 Karat gold without a single compromise.

We do not manufacture jewellery, we craft it.

Our quality not only lies in our products but also in our flattering after sale services. We are _____ certified organization.