Top 10 Jewellery Trends Showcased On Instagram

Instagram has replaced window shopping in the most elaborate way. Find any trend, any fashion alert and ofcourse anything on Instagram.

While Instagram is helpful to find these trends, it is often hard to go through the massive clutter online. This is why we have put together the top 10 Instagram trends in the jewelery space. Read on to find out –

  1. Rose Gold Cocktail Rings
  2. Diamond Weaving
  3. Love Knot Bands 
  4. Mother of Pearl Designs 
  5. Shaded Meenakari Work 
  6. Stacking and Layering
  7. Fusion – Jadau X Diamond Designing
  8. Wear it to work! 
  9. Mix and Match 
  10. Intricate Filigree work

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